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Specification for RavenWindow, Thermochromic Glass, Section 08 88 00

Specifications related to General Information, Product and Execution.

RavenWindow Specs - Section 08 88 00

Industry Leading Solution for Smart Sustainability and ROI

A viable and key fenestration solution for green building and sustainability; RavenWindow can as much as double the energy savings of the leading energy-efficient window.

RavenWindow’s in-unit design makes it the ideal solution for LEED requirements in new construction and retrofits. Learn more about RavenWindow by accessing the following links. Stilling looking for more information? Contact the distributor in your area.

RavenWindow Health Product Declaration

RavenBrick proudly sponsors an AIA and GBCI continuing education course: “The Role of Dynamic Glazing in Driving Energy Efficiency in Buildings”. Provided by Green CE, Inc.

Click here to access the online course.

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Thermochromic Guide Specifications

RavenWindow Performance Specifications


LEED Energy and Atmosphere Credits

RavenWindow has energy efficiency at its core and is recognized by the LEED rating system
for credits including:

  • EA Prerequisite Minimum Energy Performance

  • EA Credit Optimize Energy Performance

  • EQ Credit Thermal Comfort

  • EQ Credit Daylight (BD+C)

  • EQ Credit Daylight and Quality Views (O+M)

  • EQ Credit Quality Views (BD+C)

  • EQ Credit Daylight and Quality Views (O+M)

LEED V4 Data Sheet

AIA and GBCI continuing education course:“The Role of Dynamic Glazing in Driving Energy Efficiency in Buildings”

The Declaration is a standardized report of building product materials contents and health effects associated with them. Developed according to directions created by the Health Product Declaration Collaborative, the HPD is considered to complement life cycle documentation including LCA and EPD. The standardized format for disclosure of product contents, emissions, and health information helps designers, specifiers, building owners and occupants make informed decisions when purchasing building products.

RavenWindow is currently in the process of creating an HPD.