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RavenWindow: The Ultimate in Energy Efficiency

Commercial buildings come with challenges, especially when it comes to energy-efficient windows. Traditional windows let in too much heat in the summer and block desired solar gain in the winter. To compensate, HVAC systems work overtime, resulting in higher costs and increased energy consumption.

RavenWindow dynamic glass windows respond to changing climactic conditions 24/7. During high temperatures, they automatically reduce heat and glare. When temperatures drop, they respond by letting maximum light and warmth in. No additional permits, labor, or wiring are necessary – and with a highly aggressive ROI, RavenWindows make great economic sense as soon as they’re installed.

Whether you’re renovating or on a new build, RavenWindows take an active role in simplifying commercial building with a perfect blend of increased comfort and targeted energy efficiency. Delivering a return on investment in as few as four years, RavenWindows require no additional design or installation steps. They transition automatically, triggered directly by outside temperatures – and come with customizable options to respond to the regional climate zone.

Making Commercial Buildings Better

Meet LEED Requirements Now – and Save Energy for Years to Come.

The RavenWindow solution reduces energy use by up to 30%. Qualified for use toward LEED certification, RavenWindows feature the highest performing dynamic glass available to builders today. With a 30-year design life and 10-year warranty, you can be confident that RavenWindows make ultimate energy sense, from installation through a long energy-efficient life.

And during that life, RavenWindow systems manage themselves without control systems, electrical wiring or building monitoring. Low maintenance and high performance for decades to come – it’s the best of all worlds.