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smart windows in a luxury home

Your luxury home deserves RavenWindow.

Your luxury home is a lifetime investment – protect it with RavenWindow technology. The latest in smart, sustainable nanotechnology brings you a new way to manage sunlight naturally and maintain your beautiful views without compromise from closed blinds or drapes. You’ll minimize damaging rays while maximizing the benefits of heat and light during the cooler months – the ideal balance for discerning luxury projects.

At Home with Smart Window Technology

  • Protect your interior finishes and furnishings from damaging UV rays.

  • Wood floors, color fabrics and carpet are all extremely photosensitive.

  • Sun exposure actually bakes fibers until it becomes brittle and decomposes.

  • UV rays fade and dry out upholstery and leather, causing them to crack, rip and tear.

  • UV rays damage acrylic and oil paintings and weaken paper fibers. Damage from this light to artwork is irreversible.

  • Enjoy your vistas and unobstructed views without curtains, drapes, or sunshades.

  • No controls or additional settings needed.

  • No maintenance, worry-free for the life of the window.

  • Increased comfort, all four seasons.

  • Energy savings – less air conditioning in summer and less heat in winter.

  • RavenWindow has a 30-year design life and a 10-year warranty.