Maximizing ROI

maximize the roi of your smart windows

An Industry-leading ROI

RavenWindow is the only technology of its kind to offer a 3-5 year ROI. Whether you’re planning for new construction or retrofitting an older building, RavenWindow is the only choice for a return on investment that gives new meaning to energy efficiency.

When it comes to energy consumption, the windows in any structure are the weakest link. During summer months, solar heat through windows drastically increases HVAC load and energy costs. In the winter, windows covered by curtains or blinds don’t allow the solar gain that can reduce the need for constant heating.
RavenWindow technology blocks summer solar heat gain and glare by automatically transitioning to its tinted state. When the weather turns colder, RavenWindow remains clear to maximize solar heat transfer – giving your building access to free heat generated directly by the sun.

This efficient system reduces energy consumption by as much as 30%―and in turn reduces HVAC requirements by lowering load. Heating and cooling systems will work less with RavenWindow.

maximizing roi