A New Level of Comfort, RavenWindow Launches Gen3 Thermochromic Smart Windows

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DENVERJuly 25, 2017 /PRNewswire/ -- Providing the least expensive and fastest transitioning thermochromic windows on the market, Denver-based RavenWindow has launched its Gen3 product, leading the wave of the future in affordable smart window technology. It is the only solar-intuitive smart solution for optimizing natural light, blocking Ultraviolet (UV) rays and mitigating glare—three key factors for occupant health, wellbeing, and comfort.

The thermally activated window transitions from a clear state to a tinted state during peak heat hours, and then back to a clear state as the outside temperature cools, all within minutes. With no need for programming, wiring or additional installation, the patented nanotechnology transitions in real-time, blocking UV rays which can lead to health issues and degradation to furnishings in office buildings and homes.

Office, health and classroom setting research has pointed to a direct connection between natural light stimulating the human visual, metabolic and circadian rhythms. RavenWindow's tint-transitioning technology optimizes natural light to help synchronize these rhythms to promote more alertness, improved mood and faster cognitive processing. 

"RavenWindow reduces solar heat gain, glare and UV degradation while maintaining a view and connection to the outdoors," said Lance Kling, Regional Sales Manager. "Our products are a fraction of the cost of electrochromic glass and are priced to be competitive with high-performance low-e glass and blinds."

Perfecting the technology over the past ten years, RavenWindow's Gen3 thermochromic glass can provide significant energy savings, up to 30 percent on utility bills, and is a fraction of the cost of electronic-transitioning glass. In addition, customers save on the cost of installation and maintenance of interior blinds. For average companies, this amounts to an immediate return on investment (best case) and within 2-4 years (worst case).

Gen3 features an increased size capacity, allowing RavenWindow to apply the filter to glass as big as 5X10 feet. Qualified for use toward LEED certification, RavenWindow features the highest performing dynamic glass available to builders and architects today. For more information on installation contact sales@ravenwindow.com.

About RavenWindow: Recognized by the Colorado Office of Economic Development and International Trade as a company to watch, RavenWindow is leading the wave in energy efficiency. Learn more at ravenwindow.com.

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