Ease Of Installation

smart window manufacturing process

Easy is Built Right in.

RavenWindow’s filter is installed during manufacturing when your windows are made according to your specifications. As they roll off the manufacturing line, your RavenWindows are ready for a single-step installation process, with no wiring, added installation costs, programming, or maintenance.

RavenWindow stands up to industry testing to meet ASTM national and international standards.

Tested for a 30 year design life, each RavenWindow comes with a full 10 year warranty. The RavenWindow thermochromic filter works with all window types, including low-E, gas-filled and double-paned. Whatever your choice, we make it easy to make your building energy-efficient with no maintenance or extra installation cost.

  • No additional permits or installation costs.

  • Customizable transitioning threshold for regional climate zones.

  • Thermochromic technology requires no wiring. No risk of wiring or electrical failure.

  • Solar-intuitive transitioning responds automatically to the sun.

RavenWindow’s thermochromic filter is adhered to glass and sealed completely between the interior and exterior panes of glass. RavenWindows install just like traditional windows with no additional wiring, controls or programming. Our solar-intuitive technology transitions automatically, responding immediately to solar heat. Designed for flexibility, Raven Window works with virtually every type of glass and window configuration.

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