UV Protection

uv blocking smart windows in a home

Sunlight: The Pros and Cons.

Think you’re protected from harmful UV rays as long as you’re indoors? Think again. Depending on the type of window, UV can do every bit as much damage inside as outside under a full sun.

sun and earth

Absorbed and blocked by the ozone layer Causes sunburn. Overexposure and can cause cornea damage Causes suntan. Accumulation over time can lead to cateracts


  • UV damage from indoor sun exposure includes: skin cancer, cataracts, ocular cell damage, age-related macular degeneration, age spots, and photo-aging. RavenWindow blocks those damaging rays, reducing your exposure.

  • Certain rays of sunlight benefit your good health. RavenWindow blocks harmful UV rays, allowing beneficial rays in.

  • Beneficial rays promote: sound sleep patterns, mood enhancement, increased alertness, reduced eye strain.

  • Your belongings, carpets and finishes will also benefit. Because RavenWindow absorbs the sun’s ultraviolet rays, they help prevent fading, discoloration and fiber degradation of upholstery, fabrics, and leather that are irreversible.

  • RavenWindow’s technology eliminates traditional low-E reflection issues that can include melting house siding, bubbling car paint and burnt grass.

wood floor
  • Wood is extremely photosensitive

  • Color deterioration from overexposure

  • UV light has the most impact on color change


carpeted floor
  • Carpet fades 4% to 8% (+) annually

  • Exposure to the sun will actually “bake fiber”

  • Fiber will become brittle and decompose

painting of boat
  • UV damages acrylic and oil paintings

  • Light weakens and discolors paper fibers

  • The damage from light is not reversible


red couch
  • UV Rays fade and dry out furniture

  • Dye in fabrics is broken down and loses color

  • UV-weakened fabric rips and tears